Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Short (But Sweet) Stop in Zagreb

Due to an unfortunate flight delay, we only spent 2 nights in Zagreb, Croatia. But we're sure glad that we got a chance to visit this often overlooked destination.

Zagreb (pop. 800,000) is the capital of Croatia. It's located about 3 hours from the coast, at the crossroads of Central Europe. We were impressed by its large city parks, beautiful museums and monuments, and pedestrian-friendly city center.
Fall in Zagreb's "Green Horseshoe," a large city park
Croatian National Theater
Rooftops and Zagreb Cathedral
Tkalciceva Ulica, a cafe-lined street in Zagreb's Upper Town
The tiled roof of St. Mark's Church
Zagreb also has a daily market, featuring fresh produce and flowers.
Dolac market

Several vendors were also selling Christmas centerpieces and advent candles.

The city was decked out in lictar hearts, the symbol of Zagreb ("the city of a million hearts").

One of Jim's favorite attractions was the funicular connecting Upper and Lower Town.
Possibly one of the shortest funicular rides ever.
But for me, the highlight was our visit to the Museum of Broken Relationships. The Museum features a variety of objects that people have donated in memory of their failed relationships. Some were uplifting, some were depressing, but they all gave an interesting glimpse into the messiness of love.

Would I go back to Zagreb? Absolutely! It was a compact, clean, and safe capital city. But you don't need more than 2-3 days to explore most of its sights. On my next visit, I'd use Zagreb as a home base for exploring the rest of inland Croatia.