Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why I Blog


It's been about six weeks since I left my job and I can feel that things are starting to change. The first phase of unemployment -- "decompression" -- is coming to an end, and my mind and spirit are embarking on a new journey. I feel meditative and contemplative, and have started to explore deeper questions about who I am, who I want to be, and how I can use my skills and talents to make meaningful contributions to the world. Having the time and freedom to explore my life purpose is a powerful experience. I have only started to appreciate what a gift this is, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. It's humbling to realize that life is truly a blank slate which I can mold and shape into my dreams.

It's astonishing to look back and realize how many years I spent on a conveyor belt, moving along and ticking off achievements because that's what I was supposed to do. Why did I go to graduate school? Because that's what the other top students in my class were doing, and I couldn't be satisfied with myself unless I achieved the highest possible degree in my field. It's frightening and distressing to realize that so many of my decisions were based on logic and reasoning, without any consideration for my own passions and purpose in life. But I can't fault myself for this, as I never took the time to explore who I was and what I wanted while I was so busy achieving and accomplishing.

After all we are human beings, not human doers. -- Chopra Center

While it has taken me 33 years to get to this point, I am grateful to be going through this process now. And it truly is a process. It's exhilarating, humbling, and confusing. At times, I feel like a toddler wandering around my inner self, struggling to identify what I see, frustrated at not being able to clearly communicate what I feel, and trying to make sense of all of the new concepts I'm learning.

It's still early in my journey, but some recurrent themes are starting to appear in my self-reflections. One of my strongest passions is to share knowledge, learnings, and experiences with others. Some might call this teaching, but I think that it's more than that. It's inspiring others to learn, tackling complex ideas and translating them into meaningful, easy-to-digest concepts, and empowering an audience with new knowledge.

And this, my friends, is why I've started this blog -- to be a source of information, inspiration, and encouragement for you as stumble my way through life.


  1. You can only find the right answers if you ask yourselve "the right questions". You are on the right way my friend :-)
    I think it neede all this education and learning and following diferent ways to com to the point where you are now!
    Go on - explore life! :-)

  2. Correction :-) : needed / different / come !! :-) sorry :-)

  3. Andreas, thank you so much for your kind support. I sure do hope that our paths cross again soon -- we would love to see you again in Germany!

  4. Hi Natalie. I check in on you now and then...but this paragraph about feeling like a toddler.... what a GREAT feeling. Keep it. Don't try to understand it, don't be frustrated. You have already arrived at a place that I hope to be someday. It would be wonderful to take some time each day to look at our world through the eyes of a toddler... amazed at everything we see...without "naming" what we see, hear, smell... not "good" not "bad"...not even "tree" names, no explanation...just wonder and amazement. It's so nice to hear you are at this point already...

  5. Thank you, friend, for your encouragement and support! You're right, letting go of the need to analyze, understand, and control gives us the freedom to just be.

    1. Not to mention, it also liberates a lot of personal energy that's otherwise spent on worrying and frustration!

  6. With your background, I can imagine how tough it is for you to not analyze.... but you have already begun! In your write "I feel..." several times ( rather than "I think" a PhD does). Have you noticed yourself doing that? I'm glad this path you have chosen is allowing you to feel your feelings.

  7. Natalie,

    This is inspiring and you have a dedicated reader in me. This is the perfect time in your life to do this. Trust me when I say this, I do not believe anyone belongs trapped in a box enslaving their lives so that they can be rewarded by material objects.

    I work with so many people competing on being married and having kids. I have no problem with family or love...I do have a problem with feeling compelled to do so because of peer pressure. Sometimes when I take a step back I see everyone as little kids on a playground still huddled in their little groups. Some have Mercedes but everyone has an iPhone.

    So happy you are out and doing what you love to do. Here is what I predict, the amount of time you spent in school and work using the time to create and analyze for others will now be the most beneficial thing for you. You will see clearly your path and attack it like a ninja. This is an improvement for the world and for us. Be safe in your travels but don't hold back.

    Break the mold cuz!

  8. Well, said, Andy! Thank you for your thoughtful and inspirational note. We are grateful for your support!

    I like the idea of taking the world on as a ninja! Good, strong, powerful mental image! I'm sure that there will be plenty of times that we'll feel tested or defeated, and channeling that ninja spirit will be important. ;-)