Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh No, It's Saturday Again!

Most people look forward to the weekend with gleeful anticipation. But Saturdays are our least favorite day at the maison. It's the changeover day, meaning that we need to gently kick the old guests out, change the linens on 9 beds, clean 6 bathrooms, wash all of the sheets and towels, empty the fridge, and get everything ready to go for the next round of guests at 4 PM. It's too big of a job for one person, so I usually help the housekeeper for 3-4 hours on Saturday, then run some more loads of laundry over the next few days to catch up. Meanwhile, it's Jim's big day to mow all 4 lawns, treat and clean the pool, water all of the landscaping, and drain/refill the fountains. Needless to say, by the time the new guests arrive, we're dead on our feet.

Jim's Quality Landscaping, excellent work at a phenomenal price. Did I mention that he isn't even getting paid for this?!?
Last night, we caught a streak of good fortune... The rental agency informed us that our next round of guests have cancelled their holiday! But, before I got too excited about it, the agency reassured me that they'd be in touch with any last minute bookings. At the very least, we're off the hook for any arrivals this evening. A night off with no guests? It feels like we've died and gone to heaven! Maybe we'll have a BBQ and relax by the pool. And I can't wait to tell Hermes (the dog) that he can run wild and free all day! The poor thing has been cooped up in our cottage for weeks.

TTFN, we're going to enjoy our day off!

The pool is calling us and we must answer!