Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Expense of Travel: August

We've made it through August for the whopping sum of $708 and still have a little money left in the kitty (I'm not using the British-English term; we actually keep our money in a dead cat. Nobody looks there.) Here's the breakdown for the past 4 months:

For an explanation of the categories, check out our earlier post.
Nothing too exciting to report in August...except for another month of free lodging! With another frugal month under our belts, the current monthly average from May through August dropped to around $1,000/month! Now, before you put your house up for sale and start packing your bags to start a new life of vagabonding, realize it isn't always this cheap. September is quickly becoming an expensive month. We've moved on to England for a couple of weeks where we're renting a flat and have already spent more in the past 5 days than we spent for the whole month of August. Ouch. We've also bought our tickets for leaving South Africa at the end of the year and we're all out of frequent flyer miles. Stay tuned for the September report to find out if we're left with anything more than fur balls!