Friday, June 8, 2012

Salted and On the Rocks in Pag Town

As we head into our final week in Croatia, we've been scrambling to hit all of the remaining “must-see” items on our list (yes, we are still making lists!) We recently took a bus trip to Pag, an island known for its salt fields, moon-like landscapes, and cheese. It’s about 30 miles north of Zadar, where the mountains meet the sea.

Serious commitment to salt.
My eyes were glued to the windows during the entire bus ride. In less than an hour, we transitioned from fertile coastal valleys, to scrub brush and pine trees, to a desolate, rocky coastline with mountain views. Amazing! Here are some photos of the scenery as we crossed the bridge onto Pag island:

The "moon-like" landscape of Pag Island.
Pag itself was a pretty sleepy town, with a small harbor and pebbly beaches:

At times, the strong sunshine and rocky hills reminded us of a day at the lake in Arizona (minus the brown water, inflatable rafts, and Bud Light.)

Watching the clouds roll in over the harbor
Which brings me to the final noteworthy event of the day -- I discovered my “Favorit” beverage!

At 0.2L and 50 cents, this is the perfect Natalie-sized drink!