Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our New Digs in South Africa

We've just finished our first week as housesitters here in South Africa. Things are starting to fall into place (we've found the grocery store, unpacked our bags, and have even done laundry!) and we're feeling a bit more settled in our new home.

It seems to take us about 2 weeks to get our bearings. I think that's pretty good, considering each move constitutes a change in not only living arrangements, but also countries, languages, and currencies!

The house we're staying in might best be described as a beach cottage. That's not to say we're roughing it here -- this is a proper year-round home with modern amenities -- it's just a very simple, relaxing, and homey place that makes you feel like you're on vacation. It's even close enough to the ocean to hear the waves crashing on the beach. How wonderful is that?

Our backyard, with native fynbos vegetation
We also have our very own pet menagerie: a pair of lovable Labrador Retrievers, a savvy kitty, and countless tortoises (who've unofficially taken up residence in the backyard).
Mugwa the cat and Pella the Lab
Old man Biscuit, whom I've affectionately dubbed "Brutus"
All in all, we're feeling really great about this housesit. A laid-back beach town is just what we needed!