Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Expense of Travel: September

Well my friends, the month of September cost us a massive $3,820 and broke our streak of frugal living! So what happened?

First off, we bought flights to leave South Africa in late November. We're far from pretty much everywhere that isn't Africa or Antarctica, so it cost $2,100 for both of us to arrive at our next destination. At least we'll get a couple of frequent flier miles out of the deal.

So what about the other $1,700? How did we go from spending $700/month on daily expenses one month and then rack up $1,700 the next?! Simple.We went to England...and rented an apartment near London. In 12 days we went through $1,040. To put that into perspective, the same amount would have lasted us 40 days in France! The other $700 went to expenses once we arrived in South Africa. We stayed a few days in Cape Town where we paid for a guesthouse and did touristy things (the aquarium was pricey, but I'd still recommend it. They have a shark tank.). We also had to buy groceries and other sundries to outfit our new home. The first grocery shopping trip is always a big one.

So there you have it. As a result of September, our monthly average increased to about $1,200/month. Still under our original $2,000/month estimate and sure to subside as we house sit for the next two months. As always, I present to you the monthly expenses chart for all the time we've been on the road. We spent so much on September lodging that I had to move the title block!
For a better explanation of the categories, go here!