Monday, May 21, 2012

Fast Food Knock-offs

We haven't seen a single American fast food chain since we've arrived in Croatia, but there have been some interesting knock-offs...

The other day, on our way to the grocery store, we saw a familiar sign up ahead. Was it? Could it be? Look, honey, it's the Golden Arches!

Licking kebab juice out of the ol' flavor saver.
Nope. That's just the neighborhood Mc Kebab. Sadly, they weren't open, or I would've gone in and ordered myself a Chicken McShish.

Then, while wandering the streets of Old Town, we stumbled across another familiar sight. Wow! Is it really an In-&-Out Burger? No way! I can't believe they have that here! I'll take a double-double, extra messy.

That's what copyright infringement's all about.
Wait a second, isn't it In-N-Out? Fooled again.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that Zadar doesn't have any American fast food joints. But it's kind of surprising that a city of this size (population 70,000) doesn't even have a McDonalds.

Hold the phone, maybe McDonalds does have a small foothold in the Croatian economy. What do you think, friends? Is this ketchup really made by Mickey D's or is it another impostor?

Not sure if it's authentic, but it's totally funtastic!