Monday, May 14, 2012

Pizza, Toilets, and Booties -- Oh My!

Yesterday was a rainy day here in Zadar, so we stayed close to home and watched a lot of television in Hrvatski (Croatian). Since it was pretty chilly in the apartment, Natalie crocheted herself a pair of booties to keep her feet warm.
When life gives you cold floors, make slippers!
Meanwhile, I passed the time by documenting all of the nifty features of our Croatian apartment. Here's my short list of things that we don't have in the US, but probably should.
  1. A door that flips open 2 different ways. Not sure why you would need your door to do this, but the mechanism is cool enough to warrant having one.

  2. Normal Mode. "Please come in."
    Weird Mode. "What do you want?"
  3. A heated towel rack. It warms your towels, dries your wet towels, and heats a cold bathroom all at the same time. It also works great for drying your clothes after doing a load of sink laundry.

  4. Leaves grill marks on your towel.
  5. Adjust-a-flush toilets. To save water, the commodes here in Croatia let you stop the flush whenever the mess is gone. That makes sense.

  6. Zaustaviti!!!! The toilet speaks English.
  7. Electric kettle. This thing can boil 2 litres of water in 2 minutes! That's faster than a microwave. 
Insert 1 depleted uranium fuel rod and voila! Hot water!
Has anyone found these things in the US? Why can't I buy these modern marvels at Walmart? These technologies are a true testament to engineering ingenuity.

Later that night

Since we were down to only cornflakes and beer in our apartment, we decided to brave the storm and seek out some good eats for dinner. Much to our delight, we stumbled across Mamma Mia pizzeria. We've found a lot of excellent Italian food here in Croatia and this pizza was no exception!

Mmmm... tomato and prosciutto pizza.
With full bellies, we settled in to a nice, relaxing Netflix night. The storms should be clearing up over the next couple of days. We can't wait to get out and explore some islands!


  1. Hi guys- I think the towel rack doubles as a radiator... Thin n long for increased heating surface area... We considered getting them when we renovated our bathroom. . Also, for anyone looking for this kettle in US, bed bath n beyond carries them- though not in my favorite dept (ie 'beyond'). They recently started carrying items you wouldn't expect there (adult toys for example).

  2. There is nothing better than getting out of a shower to hot towels! Love that! Speaking of towels, it sounds BBB had to diversify because people weren't buying enough of them! Thanks for the tip ;-)

  3. does your toliet also have that weird Euro (for lack of a better term) "poop shelf"? Rather than dropping your bombs into a neat stink and smear resistant pool of water, it sits up on a porcelain plateau waiting for the flush to clumsily usher it away? i always wondered about that not so ingenuitive engineering...

    1. Hi C, we will investigate this for you. (and by "we," I mean "Jim!")

  4. Ive seen those kettles at target.

  5. we have that kettle at work, love it!

  6. These kettles sure are popular! And in demand! :-)