Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Name that Mystery Meat!

As we mentioned in our last post, food supplies were running dangerously low back at the homestead. Once we ran out of beer, we decided it was time to get out and do some serious grocery shopping.

We have a small market just down the street, but wanted to venture out and find a bigger megamart with more selection and better prices.

Going off some local intelligence posted at 2 Bags and a Pack, we headed out to Kaufland supermarket. It's only a 5-mile walk round trip... not that far, unless you're the one carrying the groceries (thank you, Jim!)

Who needs carts when you have baskets on wheels?
Grocery shopping in a foreign country can be mentally exhausting. We couldn't read most of the signs (our Spanish didn't seem to help with the translations!), so had to rely on pictures. We're also less-than-competent at the metric system. Do we buy anything in metric units in the US? The only thing I can think of is 2 L bottles of soda.
I'll take 0.734 kg of paprika crvena, please.
Overall, the prices were pretty reasonable. We got the best deals on pasta, cheese, and wine. That covers all of the major food groups, right?

Instant coffee (200 g) 27.99 $4.78 Bell pepper (3 large) 8.07 $1.38
Olive oil (0.25 L) 25.99 $4.43 Rice (1 kg) 7.99 $1.36
Gouda (400 g) 24.78 $4.23 Margarine (250 g) 7.49 $1.28
Cornflakes (1 kg) 15.99 $2.73 Dish detergent (500 mL) 7.49 $1.28
Beer (2 L) 15.99 $2.73 Coca-Cola (0.5 L) 5.79 $0.99
Eggs (10) 12.19 $2.08 Chocolate croissant (1) 4.99 $0.85
Red wine (1 L) 11.99 $2.05 Tomato sauce (500 g) 3.99 $0.68
Shampoo (300 mL) 9.99 $1.70 Oregano (15 g) 3.99 $0.68
Apples (6) 9.99 $1.70 Skim milk (0.5 L) 3.99 $0.68
Rolls (320 g) 8.19 $1.40 Spaghetti (500 g) 2.89 $0.49

Our trip to the grocery store inspired yet another challenge for you, friends. This one's called Name that Mystery Meat. Can you identify the meat in the photo below? Bonus points if you can find a recipe for it, too, as I'd love to cook some up for Jim as a special treat.

Name that mystery meat!


  1. Aaahhh- that's turkey stomach... Possibly gizzards...Yummyyy...Better chase it with a strong drink!

  2. Yes! That's it! Do you have a recipe for us? ;-)